Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Pleasure meeting you

I am married and have two children. That's the short version. I, like so many others, have a B.A. in English. I hesitate to reveal this because some very detail oriented person will point out my grammar errors. I comma splice, write run-on sentences and occasionally use multiple tenses. I concentrated in 20th Century American Lit, OK? I am married to a man with a Ph.D. in the sciences. A simple conversations can be frustrating and require too much explanation - on both sides. He is fact, I am fiction. He is empirical, I am....always making shit up because it's funny. Blinking awkward silence, uncontrolled laughter, profound understanding-it's been 15 years I think we can work it out. I call him Dr. Robot and that is another story. My children are doing things that make me proud. I will call them Keith and Heather because that's what my brother called them for three years before he bothered to realize that was not their names. They are smart and attractive which puts them way ahead of the game. They are not perfect which is probably my fault. I frustrate my family (for various reasons) but it is the one thing they can all agree on. The other thing you need to know is I have too many pets. I love them despite the fact they believe they are celebrities.

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