Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Hello Mother Darling

My mother has started this blog- It was going to be a mother - daughter duo blog... However after reading her 1st post i feel this should be her baby. i think it is going to be amazing ( a word my mother hates and feels is over used).... I might be jumping the gun but truly she is such a great writer and is f-ing hilarious. I have signed on (for free) as a contributor, commentator, critic, and as a voice of maybe.. reality. I can promise only a few things about my posts: i will always write using my own voice and i will rarely use correct grammar. This is not my blog and is not about my life, I am writing as my mother's daughter to share our insane, dysfunctional, perfect relationship and my perspective on Winewit...someone has to tell the stories when she is in her Ambien Coma.

-Little edie

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